Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get anything you need and wish REAL fast

You want something ? You need something ? Right now I am going to revel one of the techniques that can really make your wish come true, real fast. The method is caled "You go first !" Similar to "Whatever you give, you will receive." If you need $$, start "giving" $$ - By spend on whatever is necessary. Do not "refrain from spending" - It will make your situation worse. You need love ? - Start loving people then ! You need help ? Start helping your friends, relative and even colleagues ! Help will soon comes to you. The "Behind the scene" working mechanism is voiced down to ONE simple law - "Law of attraction" T What I want to tell you is the gist of "What Works". I have tried this technique all these while, and VERY importantly - IT WORKS ! I used to help one of my friend when he was in need "WHOLE - HEARTEDLY". - To the extend that it had affected me. But I still persisted on. Since then, this friend of mine remains as one of my closest buddy. He will stand out and be the first to offer his help whenever I am in need of help. This is really fantastic to know that inorder to get help in time we need, we should start helping others NOW When I used the word "Give" - it doesn't mean that you will lose something. Usually it is a multiplying effect, just like lending your lit candlle to someone else, you will light up MANY other candles WITHOUT affect yours :) (But I could not explain enough that we should "GIVE Whole-Heartedly" i.e. without any motive upfront or expect any returns. If not your act will become a calculated act which is counter effective to what you wish to have) Action points : 1. Decide what you want (eg. More Friendship) 2. Start "giving" whatever you want / need 3. Receive whatever you wish with a "Thank-you" attitude Try it out and let me know the results. I know it works, I want to know how WELL it works for you ! Cheers


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